Don't Skip Your RV Orientation

- Hands on instruction
- Learn systems and equipment
- Reduce repair needs


BEFORE YOU HIT THE ROAD Take advantage of our comprehensive motor coach orientation

At Best Preowned RV, we strive to provide you with the best RV information, tips, and safety advice throughout the process. That’s why we offer each of our customers the opportunity to do an orientation with the team that customized your RV.

Group 1@2x

Get to know your RV

Our Orientation is a 2-3 hour, hands-on tour of your new coach.

It’s your chance to learn the ropes and make sure everything is operational before driving off the lot or departing for your first trip.

Group 3@2x

Learn the Systems

We will walk you through the various features and systems of your coach.

Ask questions and learn how to operate the bells and whistles we’ve included for you.

Group 13

Manage Maintenance

Learn routine maintenance items or your coach and keep it running like a well oiled machine.

We’ve found that our orientation process also helps reduce unnecessary repairs.


You set the pace during our RV Walk-thru orientation. Here’s what we cover

- RV Set Up and Breakdown
- Lp Gas Systems
- Water Systems
- Electrical system
- Wastewater Management
- RV winterizing
- Towing
- RV Essential Items